Handcarved Stone

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Handcarved Stone

At Handcarved Stone we produce unique stone creations using traditional methods.  All our pieces are handmade by Ashley Baxter,  a quality stonemason

from Wiltshire, whose work includes stone restoration, sculpture, architectural features and garden ornaments.   Ashley has been producing fine, bespoke stonemasonry for over 30 years.


We aim to create beautiful, personalised gifts of hand carved stone, individually inscribed for a very personal touch.



Each bookend is hand-carved from Elm Park stone with an initial on either side.  Each piece is individual and has different shelling and/or veins running through the stone.  The pieces of stone themselves are beautiful, no two are identical.  A date can be added underneath the initials to mark a special occasion, this costs an extra £40.


Elm Park Stone

The bookends are made of Elm Park stone, which is an Oolitic limestone.  This is a carbonate rock made up mostly of sand-sized carbonate particles that have concentric rings which formed around grains of sand or shell fragments that were rolled around on the shallow sea floor, gathering layer after layer of limestone.

This limestone formed in a shallow sea, rather like the modern Bahamas, near the end of the Jurassic period (~135 million years ago). The rock has an even structure rather like cod roe and it can therefore be cut or sculpted in any direction. This feature, coupled with hardness, colour and durability, gives the limestone its quality and texture.



Company Profile

Handcarvedstone.co.uk is the business of Ashley Baxter. His stonemasonry skills bear evidence of a traditional training, an essential solid grounding, which he undertook with a stonemasonry firm in Gloucestershire in 1978, whilst also gaining a three year apprenticeship at Weymouth College. He has been running his own successful business in Warminster since 1986.



Height: 150mm

Width:  80mm
Depth: 120mm



£90 per pair inclusive of delivery to UK mainland


Special Commissions

Ashley Baxter stonemasonry skills also include restoration, or a specially commissioned fire surround, table or sculpture.  He discusses everything in full detail with the client on site, and can carve to any specification. For Ashley, the importance of any commission is to work closely with the client.
The enjoyment for the client is the knowledge that working with Ashley, they can ask for something a little bit different, traditional or contemporary, that will make their commission completely unique. His varied portfolio displays his mastery of his medium.  Please visit www.ashleybaxter.co.uk for more information.




Our Stone


Our bookends are carved from Bath stone which has a beautiful grained character. The bookends are carved from a single piece of stone, the process takes some 10 hours from start to finish to complete.

As each item is hand made, and stone is a natural material, you must expect some small variation in dimensions and colour due to the individual features of the raw material;  this is what makes a handmade natural product so special and unique.